Goodness and Kindness at Medicenter Hospital has remained an untold story.
An unpublicized, unsolicited and discrete program directed towards the free treatment of poor and destitute patients was undertaken with solemn affirmation and determination by the management of Medicenter Hospital in 2004.
Cases with major illnesses have been treated since then absolutely free of cost.
The treatment comprised of not only outpatients but patients needing hospitalization and surgeries and post-operative care till complete recovery.
All cases are well-documented and on record. Few philanthropists have joined hands with us in this noble cause and hopefully the figure of the untold story will continue to rise.
You can donate us your Charity, you can Sponsor a patient and even you can Sponsor equipment.
Your help towards humanity In Sha Allah, will not go unrewarded.

Bank Detail for donation:
Account Title: MEDICENTER
IBAN: PK93 BAHL 1026 0081 0005 2201 - 4
Bank Name: Bank Al Habib Limited, Pakistan.